The house from Lethal Weapon 2 is now renovated

Some of you might remember that in the action movie “Lethal Weapon 2” from 1989, the character played by Mel Gibson was dragging a home from Hollywood Hills with his pick-up truck. That was in fact a real home and it’s now owned by John McIlwee and Bill Damaschke who decided to renovate and update this structure. The house was originally built in 1962 and it sits 60 feet above the canyon ground.The couple bought the place for $1.3 million

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The house covers an area of 2,300 square feet. Its new owners decided to renovate it and they ended up spending an additional $1 million. It’s an unusual home both in terms of design and history. It was designed by John Lautner and it’s considered one of the 10 most important residences from the mid-century period in Los Angeles. Not only that the house is visually striking and has a unique design, but it also benefits from a wonderful location.

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The exterior of the house is definitely unique. As for the interior, it gets close to a regular home. The interior is divided into two volumes by a spiral staircase. On one side is a bedroom and an office while on the other side are the kitchen, dining area and a spacious living room. The living and dining rooms feature glass walls against lava rock walls and gray floors. The décor is eclectic with lots of elements from the 60s and 70s.{found on wsj}.