The home of an ocean lover and an old dream come true

Marie DiManno, the owner of this beautiful house, is a person that loves the ocean. She got this passion from her husband who sadly dies in 2004. However, her love for the ocean didn’t die with him. The two used to live in a lovely house on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, just 30 feet from the ocean but it was never what Marie wanted. She wanted an urban prewar home, not a beach house, so she moved into an apartment.

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She brought with her the entire nautical collection along with most of the furniture. At that moment, she realized what the way everything looked in the previous home and the way it look in the new apartment are two very different things. What used to be a reminder of the ocean is not just a simple decoration. The apartment originally had tiny rooms but they were opened up to make them more airy and spacious. Interior windows were installed and they connect the rooms and allow light to travel from one room to another.

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Most of the furniture was reupholstered and a few new pieces were also added. The living room is dominated by an 8-foot long wooden piece representing the shape of a woman swimmer. It’s a piece from the 1930s and it became the focal point of the room. On the other side of the room, a series of shelves hold a selection of sand pails. The kitchen is quite spacious. It now has a cozy breakfast nook and colorful decorations.{found on nytimes}.