The hive jar pendant lamps

Lots of designs are inspired by elements from nature. Bee hives always presented interest to us so it seems natural to see designs inspired by them. The Hive is a set of three pendant lamps and not only that they have a beautiful design but they also have a very charming look that adds rustic beauty to any interior.

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The set includes 2 half gallon and a quart-sized jar pendant lamps. They have a unique rustic charm that is difficult to recreate. The transparent glass jars are wrapped in rope and their shape along with the texture and color of the rope make them resemble a bee hive. These pendant lamps would be particularly suitable for a porch, patio or deck but they can be very charming indoor as well. The quilled bees are only for presentation and they are not included.

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The set includes three pendant lamps and is available at the price of $120. The lamps can either be hung from the ceiling, tree or any other structure or they can be simply placed on the table. They come with a white cord and it can be hung with the help of two hooks and plugs. They come with instructions. Because of their nature, the lamps needed to have holes in the lid to release the heat. They are very beautiful and can be accessorized if needed.