The Historic Sarkozy Carriage House in New York

This spectacular carriage house on view here has been standing famously since 1910 in New York and it is dubbed the Sarkozy Carriage House. Located on the East 75th Street in New York City, this famous carriage house has 8,475 square feet: 4 floors, 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. What is more is a 2,000 sq ft private garden which is definitely a rarity in New York City.

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Interestingly the current owner of this house Oliver Sarkozy, who is a half brother to the French President put in a whopping $2 million to renovate the entire facility. Understandably, this property is now listed at $11,950,000 and we see no reason why it cannot fetch that price. Head over to the images to know more.

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It’s a very beautiful residence indeed. It’s modern, elegant, sophisticated and glamorous. And it should be, considering the price. It’s obvious the fact that this incredible mansion has a very unique style. It’s very beautiful and stylish. Every little piece from the house seems to have its own place where it belongs. It’s obvious that the attention to details is amazing.

Furthermore, the colors are again very well chosen. They form a very beautiful and equilibrated image. It’s a big mansion with quite a lot of rooms. Each one of them is different and has its own characteristics but there’s a common style that keeps them together.