The Historic Betsy Hotel in Miami

The Betsy hotel is located in Miami and it’s a historic landmark in the area. It’s a tropical oasis camouflaged in a historic package. The hotel offers 61 rooms and suites along with private beaches and wonderful interior and exterior designs and architecture. It also includes an intimate courtyard pool, a wellness garden and a spa.

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The interior of the hotel is very distinguished and almost dramatic. The walls from the salon, the lobby bar and the deck are covered with beautiful artwork. The whole place features a vintage style with exquisite details and modern touches. The Betsy hotel is a wonderful destination not just for those who seek relaxation and fun but also for business travelers. The hotel has Wi-Fi access throughout and the perfect environment for both business and pleasure.

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The rooms of the hotel are very elegant and they also offer panoramic views of the beach and the surrounding landscape. The guests can relax in their rooms, socialize at one of the 8 bars, enjoy a delicious dinner at the restaurant and also visit the private beaches, spend time outdoors, on the deck or in the garden, near the pool or at the spa. Hotel Betsy offers the full package and every guest is treated with the best services. It’s why this is a destination that you’ll want to revisit. It has the perfect mix of beautiful architecture, casual and formal.