The high-tech Corian kitchen island by Zaha Hadid

Cooking in the kitchen is about passion and talent. However, some high-tech help is not something you can neglect. Having the right tools is sometimes crucial and it can make a huge difference. It’s why we’re always trying to keep up with technology and to have only the best appliances and furniture pieces in our kitchen. And if you want the best then you will probably find this piece very interesting.

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This is the Z Island, an astonishing piece of furniture created by architect Zaha Hadid. It’s impressive on multiple levels, one of them being elated to the visual appearance and the shape. This amazing kitchen island was designed in collaboration with Ernestomeda and DuPont and it’s very innovative, intriguing and futuristic-looking. It introduces a new level of perfection when it comes to processing materials and organizing the working space.

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The architect designed this piece with great finesse and he was able to do with the help of a very malleable material that satisfied his creativity and helped him create this complex design is a very simple shell. With Corian the entire kitchen is reduced to this single piece of furniture. It includes everything you need including worktops, sinks, cupboards and even an mp3 player, a CD and DVD player and two USB ports. Corian is composed of two blocks with sleek and compact designs and delicate shapes. It’s futuristic and very innovative and it’s also probably the beginning of a new era.