The HEX Tennis Collection

As it often happens, inspiration can come from any field and any domain. In the case of this unique collection, inspiration came from the tennis court. This is the HEX Tennis Collection. Created by Hugh Hayden Design, it includes a series of furniture made from tennis balls. It definitely sounds unusual and strange and it is.

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The young architect decided to use actual tennis balls to create this series of unique furniture pieces. He chose a contemporary and playful approach for the project. The collection includes chairs, poufs, coffee tables and side tables. They are all hand-crafted and they share very simple and basic designs meant to be stable and strong while also being visually stunning and impressive. The color of the tennis balls definitely makes the pieces stand out and helps highlight their unusual designs.

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Thousands of tennis balls were used for this project. Each piece of furniture included in this collection is the result of a long process that lasts between 8 and 16 hours. During this time, each individual tennis balls is connected to the others with a polyester cord. The process is simple but demanding and everything needs to be precise. The initial collection included an ergonomic chair with a curved back and a coffee table with a glass top. The designer plans to add other similar creations and to expand the collection with ottomans, side tables and maybe even with a sofa.