The Hed Lyte collection by Creative Session

If you love wildness in general and like the idea of having an animal trophy in your home but not the traditional type, Hed Lyte is a concept that will instantly catch your attention. This concept was the idea of Creative Session who then came up with a mini collection. It was an attempt to let you add a wild touch to your interior décor but still keeping in mind the functionality that is required.

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Having decorations in the house can be a real treat but everything becomes even more interesting and practical when the decorations also have a functional side besides being purely for display. It’s what this collection tries to offer. The pieces from this collection are based on a popular and traditional idea but the designers managed to offers them a modern look and to reinvent the whole concept. It includes two pieces: a deer and an elephant. It’s actually only their heads.

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The interesting thing about these modern trophies is that they have geometrical shapes and they also function as lighting systems. The deer’s antlers and the elephant’s tusks lighten up and serve as right accents for the interior décor. It’s an interesting approach and a daring idea. Such unique decorations will definitely catch your guests’ attention and will serve as focal points and conversation starters.