The Hana lamp from Shige Hasegawa

We’ve already talked a while ago about the Hana table, which was part of the same collection. Designed by Shige Hasegawa Design in Tokyo, the “Hana” collection is a nature-inspired set that will add elegance and style to any home.

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Hana actually means “flower” in Japanese, which makes it very clear that this has been the inspiration-source for both the table and the lamp. While the table borrows some features from the origami art, featuring a very beautiful wooden structure that resembles a flower, the lamp has a different approach. Featuring a very graceful and elegant design, the Hana lamp really resembles a flower. It’s so subtle and stylish that you’re almost afraid to touch it. The Hana Stretch is covered with fabric which increases the elegance and fragility inspired by the lamp.

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It has a very graceful shape that end with a flower on top, similar to the one from the table. The lamp comes in white and the bottom light up, creating a very diffuse and subtle light. It’s perfect for a bedroom or a stylish living room. The simplicity is often more expressive and appealing than all the decorations in the world. So if you like flowers or if you simply find this beautiful lamp attractive, I’m sure it will integrate perfectly in your home. You can match it with the Hana table or purchase it separately.