The Grid sofa and matching stool – a pair of unusual and yet familiar furniture pieces

Some of the most interesting designs are not necessarily those that go in a completely different direction than the classical ones. A design that simply replaced some of the details but preserves most of the major elements can be just as intriguing. The Grid sofa is one of those items. The sofa was designed by Kim HyunJoo for the lobby of the SK Group building. It was presented at the 2012 Yeosu Expo in Korea. It’s an interesting piece of furniture because it shows how much a few little details can change our whole perspective on something.

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The sofa simply features grid lines instead of the classical embossed leather. But even though the rest of the details are common and even the whole mix is actually not that unusual or unique, they still impress and result in an original design.The Grid sofa also features a matching stool. They have similar designs. They both feature the same compact, linear designs and have unstructured cubic feet that create a strong resemblance with the blocks in the Tetris game.

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It’s this resemblance that makes these pieces seem so playful and bold, so unusual and yet so familiar. Visually, they also have a strong impact because of the bold and contrasting colors used for the upholstery and the grid pattern. But even the colors complement each other and are on one hand striking and on the other hand they’re also nicely balanced.