The Greenfield Collection by Roberti Rattan

You might think that choosing furniture for the outdoors is easier than furnishing the inside of a home. That is not true at all, because the outdoor furniture has to fulfill some conditions and you have t be careful that it does. The outdoor furniture needs to be weather resistant so it can face rain, wind and other natural phenomena. If you’ve managed to do that you can then focus on the design, colors and the aesthetics of the furniture, which is sometimes the hardest part.

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Roberti Rattan is here to make your job easier. The Greenfield collection is the perfect outdoor furniture collection that anyone would love to have. Modern and elegant, the collection adds comfort and style anywhere you put it. The Greenfield collection uses a combination of materials composed of rattan, aluminum and polyethylene cables. This provides resistance and durability and also creates a beautiful look.

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The Greenfield collection is vast and incorporates a multitude of different pieces. From chairs and lounges, to sofas, stools and tables. The color combinations are also very beautiful and elegant. The whole collection has a modern flair and a certain style that makes it perfect for a variety of spaces, private or public. All the pieces are extremely comfortable and cozy and they help create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for relaxation.