The graceful Nastro basin mixer by Peter Jamieson

Sometimes the little details can completely change the atmosphere in a room. They can make a big difference when decorating a room and they are the elements that allow it to stand out. For example, in the bathroom or kitchen it’s the fixtures such as the faucet or the shower head that add the finishing touches. A beautiful faucet can be a real treasure. It just so happens that we found a very beautiful one.

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The Nastro single level basin mixer was designed by Peter Jamieson for Rubinettiere Ritmonio and it’s part of the Nastro Collection along with a series of other fixtures, equally stylish and beautiful. Nastro is a 1 hole sink mixer and it has a very stylish design. Its graceful shape, delicate lines and overall simplicity allow it to stand out in a unique way. It impresses with the simplicity and lack of unnecessary details and accessories.

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This stylish basin mixer has a very artistic design. It features a very simple shape with a twist. The sinuous curves of the fixture allow it to look very graceful, almost like a delicate ribbon. Nastro is available in two versions and two finishes. The designs are very similar and the differences are easy to spot but don’t interfere with the overall charm of the fixture. They are purely functional. As for the finishes, Nastro is offered in chrome as well as in a golden finishing with 24 carat gold plating.