The glass and concrete Coretube pendant lamp

The list of materials that can be combined in order to create an original accessory such as a pendant lamp is unlimited. A nice example is the Coretube pendant that is made from glass and concrete. Glass is a top choice for this type of accessories. However, concrete is not. We could say that the combination is well-balanced.

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Considering the design of the pendant, Coretube is not that unusual. It was designed for Betolux and it’s a part of the Translucent Collection. The combination of glass and concrete make this a very high-quality accessory. The pendant lamp features a cylindrical design and it’s suspended by a red textile cord. The sensational lighting effect is the consequence of the ingenious choice of material and, of course, the way they were combined.

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The Coretube pendant lamp features stainless steel framework and it has a simple and modern design. It has a versatile look that allows it to be included in a variety of space including living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, even bedrooms, offices and libraries. It’s not only functional but also a very beautiful decoration that impresses with its simplicity and elegance. The overall dimensions of the pendant lamp are Diam. 115 mm, H 250 mm. It’s a glamorous accessory and it would be a nice detail for any modern and contemporary home.