The glamorous Axis floor mirror

The Axis mirror is that touch of luxury and glamour that a room needs to stand out. It’s a chic accent piece and would make an exquisite focal point in any room. The mirror is actually made of several mirrors. It incorporates a total of 15 large octagonal mirrors. They all have deeply beveled mirrored sides and they are interspersed with smaller open squares for a more dramatic effect.

Axis mirror

This is not a type of mirror that was designed to be functional. This is a purely decorative pieces designed to serve as an accessory, as an eye-catching decoration. Given its design and look, it is certain to take center stage in any space. Such a dramatic accent piece would be an interesting addition to a chic and stylish living room. Mirrors are by definition elements that trick the eye, that can be used to create the impression of larger spaces so this one could also have a secondary advantage in a small room.

The Axis mirror could also look beautiful in a bedroom, placed in a corner. It’s not a decoration that was designed for a specific type of spaces so it could basically integrated in a variety of different areas, including offices, dining rooms, libraries, reading corners, etc. The inside mirror measures 43.25W x 75H and its overall dimensions are 43.25W x 75H x 3D. it was be mounted on the wall or placed directly on the floor, leaning against a wall. Available for 999$.