The Garden House – a beautiful symbiosis between natural and artificial

It’s difficult to crate harmony between nature and artificial creations, especially on a large scale. For example, when you design a home, making it integrate into the landscape is not easy. Still, it’s not impossible. The Garden House is a beautiful example of a house that merges with its surroundings and manages to harmoniously communicate with the nature surrounding it.

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The Garden House is located in Vistahermosa, Alicante, Spain. It was designed and built by Spanish architect Joaquín Alvado Bañón and the project was completed in 2012. The house has a contemporary design. It’s simple but it’s also eye-catching. One of the most beautiful features of the site is the garden. The architect wanted to take advantage of this detail so he designed the house in such a way that it offers unobstructed views of the garden while also allowing nature to become a part of it.

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This project is very interesting because it explores the relations between nature and architecture. If you look closely, you can see that the vegetation seems to almost invade the house. It climbs up in an attempt to merge with the house and the result is a very beautiful and harmonious design.

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In terms of structure and internal organization, the house was functionally designed. The ground level is a mix of natural and artificial elements. Each level features this type of relationship. The ground floor is a shared space. The two other levels have specific programs and functions. Each level is an independent structure and yet they all combine beautifully. They also all have in common the sloping slabs that are covered with vegetation and that take it to the upper levels.

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The façade is mainly made of glass. This way the views become a part of the interior design and the relationship between the interior and the exterior becomes stronger. The views of the garden are very beautiful.