The futuristic Bangulella rocking chair

We tend to have an outdated image about rocking chairs. They’re no longer those vintage pieces that our grandma used to have. They have evolved, just like any other piece of furniture. The Bangulella rocking chair is the perfect one to demonstrate that theory.Bangulella is a futuristic rocking chair that was designed by Charly Molinelli. It’s concept chair with a unique design and a shape reminiscent of the Egg chair.

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Bangulella is a retro-futuristic piece of furniture, if there even is such a thing. Its designed has taken the idea of the rocking chair to a whole other level. The shape of the chair is unusual and the function of this piece of furniture tens to be ambiguous, even when you’re sitting in it.


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Even though Charly Molinelli describes this chair as “just another rocking chair” we all know that’s not true. Bangulella is a very unique and special rocking chair, with a design unseen before, at least in the case of this particular type of furniture. The shape and design of the chair were not chosen purely for aesthetic reasons. The Bangulella rocking chair is also a an extremely comfortable piece of furniture, just like a rocking chair should be. The modern approach to the design together with the innovative shape makes this chair a revolutionary piece of furniture.