The fun and versatile Piegato shelving series by Matthias Ries

Bookshelves are very functional and practical. They all have the property of being versatile and space-efficient and, more than that, they usually have flexible designs. However, there’s one part that makes us all we would another way of installing them. The part where we have to actually install the shelves is the most annoying of all. We have to follow precise instructions, get tools and hardware and we end up making a mess.

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However, all that part can be erased from our memory because we’ll never have to go through it again. It’s all thanks to an ingenious creation of Berlin based designer Matthias Ries. It’s called Piegato and it a shelving series designed for German brand Serafini. The beauty of these shelves is that they are extremely easy to install. You no longer power tools and massive hardware packages. The shelves feature an innovative system that makes all this process a fun and simple activity.

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The Piegato shelves easy to assemble as well as easy to produce. They come in the form of laser-cut and scored steel sheets. They are basically a flat piece that the consumer receives and that it ready for assembly. All he has to do is bend the metal template. One part folds down and it supported by metal triangles. These flip open from underneath and the rest of the metal sheet serves as wall mounts. All you need are four simple screws to attach the shelf to the wall and the process is complete. The Piegato shelves come in a variety of colors and they can also be customized.