The Fun & Stylish Ways To Decorate With Trinket Dishes

Trinket dishes are more than just a means to take up space. They can be quite stylish and they have several fun and functional ways of using them for more than just decor. From the craft room to the kitchen, these little beauties, cuties and thrifty finds can really spruce up multiple unsuspecting spots. Style the tops of counters, tables and desks with some of your lovely, favorite trinket dishes.

1. Office Supplies.

Trinket dish ring holder jewelry storage

Trinket dishes of all sizes can easily be used to organize all of your small office supplies. Rubber bands, paper clips, erasers and push pins, they can all be confined to one of these plates or bowls. Find fun pieces at the local thrift store or buy a set so you’re nicely matched with the rest of the space. It’s a fun, inexpensive way to stay neat and stylish at the same time.

2. Candy.

Trinket dish ring holder jewelry storage

Of course, you can always use them to store some candy. Put your favorites in a cute bowl or dish and leave them in the living room next to the sofa so you can snatch a piece during your favorite movie or place one in the foyer with mints for your guests to snag on the way in or out.

3. Soaps.

Trinket dish ring holder jewelry storage

Find some wonderful trinket dishes to hold your soaps in all your bathrooms. It’s a more dainty, stylish way display the soap while still being a functional way of the space. Of course, you can find ones that fit the bathrooms theme for all your guests to enjoy, including yourself. Then make sure to put a great hand soap atop, heart-shaped, olive oil infused, get creative and make it all apart of room’s experience.

4. Change.

Trinket dish ring holder jewelry storage

Everyone has loose change and we all need a way to keep it in one place. That’s where these little pieces come in handy. On the kitchen counter, on top of a dresser or on top of the desk, put down a dish and start collecting your loose change there! It’s cute, easily accessible for when the pizza deliverer arrives at the door and keeps things tidy!

5. Jewelry.

Trinket dish ring holder jewelry storage

My favorite option is to find some beautiful, vintage pieces to hold your favorite, everyday jewelry pieces. Place them on your chest of drawers and keep your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces there for the day ahead. They’re also great for displaying ornate brooches or antique pieces.