The friendly LifeStyle Twin Bed for kids

Kid’s bedrooms are basically like any other bedroom expect for the fact that everything is on a smaller scale. It’s cute when you think about it. When it comes to choosing furniture for them things can get complicated. It’s hard to choose the right model, especially when you don’t know if your kids will like it. It would be better to involve them in the redecoration process. Today we found a very beautiful and cute twin bed for kids that we think would satisfy both children and parents.This is the LifeStyle Twin Bed. It’s the perfect piece of furniture to make the transition from crib to the normal bed.

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The bed features a durable plastic structure that might not seem like the best choice but it’s actually very strong and that will last for many years. The bed also has a raised-panel headboard, footboard and side rails. These elements have been included in the design for the safety of the kids.

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The LifeStyle Twin Bed is not only beautiful and friendly but it’s also very functional and practical. The bed also includes four doors on the side that swing open and reveal storage space under the bed. It’s also a great place to play hide and seek. The space underneath the bed can be used to store toys and other items. The bed can be bought for $369.99. It features a contemporary design in neutral colors.