The Fresh Apartment Project from YMCA

This apartment is the perfect example of diversity in interior decoration , design , equipment etc. Starting with the living area in which is combined a couch and a fireplace as an interior element with the green rug and by its resemblence with a green lawn is taken as an exterior element to the dressing area which  looks more like night club than a place for keeping clothes.

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As you can see this is not an ordinary house thanks to its height and overall dimensions.A big number of windows let the natural light enhance the combination of concrete, wood , steel, glass, plastic and other materials.This is a place for people who don’t care about the existing stadards and methods of building and decoration.

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The value of this place comes from the interesting contrasts and vivid colors creating so an cheerful ambiance.High tech devices and equipment can be found on the entire house.For prooving this fact there is a cinema inside the house.The kitchen is also equipped with the latest appliances.

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Lighting this place is really important because it has to emphasize a building that absolutely refuses the conventional.Although it looks more like a house in which you can spend quality time with your frineds, intimacy hasn’t been forgotten. I’m sure that one of the 5 bedrooms will  really please you with their  superb bathrooms and dressing areas.{found on ymca}