The Football Field Carpet

If you have kids than you know that winter is a punishment for the parents because the kids have to stay inside for a long time and they have to do something with their energy, so they have the most unusual and crazy ideas. For example both my kids love playing football (yes, inside the house0, even if one of them is a boy and the other a girl. But, if you are creative enough , you will be able to have some peaceful time while the kids stay in their room and are happy to do this. The only thing you have to do is offer them a strong motivation for that – like this original and nice carpet that looks exactly like a football field.

Football 120x180 800View in gallery

The design is specially made to make it resemble a real football pitch as much as possible. Even the colour and the white lines that are usually painted inside such a field are there. Of course, I am talking about European football or soccer, as the Americans call it, as you can see from the pictures that it looks a lot different from an American football pitch.

The size of the carpet is 120×180 – perfect for the kids room and it is made of wool. The designer is Karin Mannerstål and you can now purchase it for about 380 euro.

Football 120x180 800