The floating Hausboot Silverbeaver from Germany

This is the Hausboot Silverbeaver a small house located on a river in Olderburg, Germany. The house is basically floating on the Hunte river. It’s an unusual location for a residence but it’s also something to remember when searching for creative house designs.The house was designed by German product design and architectural practice Confused-direction design. This was in fact their second design of a house on water. The home was designed in a way that allows it to naturally integrate into the landscape. It has a wooden construction and the materials and textures combine to form a harmonious composition that seems to belong there.

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The interior of the house is clean and bright. The rooms are warm and welcoming and the materials helped a lot with that. The Hausboot Silverbeaver has a single pitched roof with a dormer that lets natural light get inside the lofted bedroom. This room is accessed with a ladder stair.

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The small but inviting floating house also features a terrace that can be accessed from the living areas and through an inclined glass exterior wall. The terrace offers panoramic views of the landscape. The house offers cozy living space for all the inhabitants. The smallest of them are the cats. They have their own bedrooms integrated into the common spaces. This way they take part at the family events and have their own space.{found on designboom}.