The flexible Octopussy floor lamp by Vladimir Tomilov

The inspiration for a new design can basically come from anywhere. However, most often designers are inspired by elements they see in nature. The octopus is a creature that will always be fascinated and that inspired more than one creation. The Octopus chair is already a famous piece of furniture. The Octopussy lamp had the same point of inspiration but used it in a different way.

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Octopussy is an ingenious floor lamp that was created by Moscow-based industrial designer Vladimir Tomilov. When you think about it, the decision of using the octopus as an inspiring image for a floor lamp was quite intelligent. Given the animal’s characteristics, the potential was great. The lamp features three support legs and three additional tentacles that allow it to have a dynamic look. Besides reinforcing the resemblance with the octopus, these tentacles also have additional led lights at the ends.

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The lamp was an ingenious creation that was received with strong reactions. In autumn 2011 it was awarded in Paris and also appeared on the cover of Designbook. The design itself is not that impressive but it’s the concept that attracts attention. The Octopussy lamp has colored lens and a lampshade that resembles a huge yellow eye. It has an alien-like look. The lamp is also flexible and a design that makes it great accent piece.