The Flamboyant Architecture in the Paradise Valley

Probably one of the most finely developed architectural designs located precisely in the Paradise Valley area is the Desert House. This landmark speaks for itself as the firm responsible for developing this flamboyant piece of architecture is an award-winning one. This structure is well knit by steel, glass and concrete that settles along the landscape of the desert.

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The Flamboyant Architecture in the Paradise Valley5

The polished floors of concrete add the finest touch to the construction with the addition of zinc sides with the most beautiful luxurious flamboyancies. It is indeed a paradise in the middle of the native landscape of the Paradise Valley. The surrounding smoothens the view with the outstretched mountains of the Valley.

The Desert House is simply luxurious and unique in its existence with four bedrooms and three bathrooms throughout. The garage accommodates a provision to keep two cars consecutively. This stunningly beautiful landmark is priced according to its appraisal. It is priced somewhere near $1,900,000 USD.