The Fireworks from all over the world that light up the sky

Fireworks are used to mark various events. They are used to celebrate the days of a city, a concert, a party of any kind and especially to mark the beginning of a new year. The same thing happened this year too when people all over the world tried to say good- bye 2011 and welcome 2012 in their original way using the fireworks. A firework show means a lot of time for preparations, much equipment and the involvement of many people who try to create a spectacular event.

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The diversity of colors and lights, the way they are displayed lighting up the sky represent the important issues that attract the people’s eyes upon them. People are so enthusiastic about these shows and the magic of sparkles that enchant their views can help them hope to some better moments for their lives.

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In London, the fireworks were shot out of Big Ben itself for the first time this year and they also marked the fact that the capital will be the host for the summer Olympic Games in 2012 as they had an Olympian theme.

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In Scotland fireworks were shot over Edinburgh Castle during celebrations to mark the New Year at the Hogmanay street party and there were people who came from other corners of the world to enjoy this atmosphere.

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In New York there were used confetti flying over Times Square as the clock stroke midnight and represented another original of marking the beginning of a new year.

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For a more exotic people who live in Brazil the fireworks exploded over the Copacabana during New Year beach celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and created a spectacular atmosphere. Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Lithuania, Australia, Austria, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Russia, Malaysia are some other examples of counties which prepared themselves so well and so original for marking the start of 2012 using the power and magic of their impressive fireworks displays to charm every viewer.{foound on dailymail}