The Fergana Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

The latest Fergana collection brings you the greatest design in Sofa. It is elegant and attractive. The cushions are aptly made to provide complete comfort to your body. The color is soothing and comforting to the eyes. It has been specially created with the best textile complimented by ancient weaving. The wooden frame of this exclusive sofa will not just let you have full rest but will enhance the beauty of your room as well.

The fergana sofa by patricia urquiolaView in gallery

Once again Patricia Urquiola surprises us with an unusual, yet very delicate and beautiful design. She shows her feminine side and view on things in all the works she creates and these sofas are no exception. The Fergana sofa looks plain and simple at first sight but it will draw your attention and make you fall for it in time, after you have discovered all the details and little beauties spread around it.

The fergana sofa by patricia urquiola

The colour is one suitable for a sofa, so feel free to choose either grey or a greenish shade, but actually this background colour only enhances the tiny details of the embroidery and the delicate colourful flowers on the side cushions. The whole picture of the sofa is completed by the beautiful and soft and comfortable sofa cushions that have lively patterns. The frame is made of wood and the tiny lega have an interesting shape. All in all, great work.