The Expedit kitchen storage unit

In the kitchen there are a lot of utensils and supplies that need to be stored somewhere. The best solution would be to either have a large wall unit for all these things and to keep them together or to have several separate storage places. The first option seems to be simplest one as well. This is the Expedit storage unit. It’s very useful in the kitchen but it can also be used in the dining room or even in the living room.

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The great thing about this piece of furniture is that you can craft it by yourself. This way you can choose the dimensions and you can even adapt the design if you like. For this particular piece presented in the pictures, the materials used were door hinges, black MDF and plywood. It was a complex project and yet not that complicated or difficult. The main idea behind this project was to create a nit with several open spaces that would allow the user to see their content. In order to create contrast and to also offer other options, some of the compartments have doors.

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First you’ll need to assemble the frame and create the compartments. At the end you can add some doors for few of these compartments like in this example. It will give you the opportunity to keep of the things hidden. An idea would be to use sliding panels but it can be difficult to install them. An easier solution is to use doors with hinges. At the end you’ll have several closed shelves along with several open ones. You can further customize your unit by adding color or contrast.{found on ikeahackers}.