The Exclusive Rustic Dunton Hot Springs Resort

Dunton Hot Springs is a beautiful and exclusive resort hidden in the San Juan Mountains, in the Colorado Rockies. It’s composed of several cabins and it can accommodate up to 42 people. All the cabins feature rustic designs and decors and they each have a set of particularities which allow them to stand out from the rest.

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The cabins differentiate themselves through their location, the landscape surrounding them, their construction, size and interior design and amenities. One of them is built around a small hot spring and has an outdoor fire pit.

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Another was built out of large vertical timbers and is furnished with exquisite antiques. There’s also a cabin that was built of cotton canvas ad reclaimed materials from the 1830’s. It shares some design elements with a typical tent and it has a spacious floor plan and views of the Wilson Mountain Range.

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There’s also a larger cabin perfect for families. This one is overlooking the river and has a warm and inviting interior infused with rustic furniture. A particularly interesting cabin is the one decorated with African artifacts. But perhaps the most impressive is the one which used to be the owner’s residence. It’s positioned close to two ponds.