The Exclusive AMG Private Lounge in Affalterbach, Germany

The AMG Private Lounge in Affalterbach opened its doors in early summer 2011 and it’s an exclusive meeting point that has a unique design. There are many interesting and beautiful design elements that deserve to be admired but the most eye-catching of all would definitely have to be the mural. This stunning mural is the focal point of this place. It looks amazing but what’s even more amazing is that it’s made out of tape.

Amg vip center interior

The AMG designers created this mural out of tape but you only realize that if you get real close to it. Then you can actually see that’s made of layer upon layer of sketches on velum connected with tape. The lounge is definitely impressive and it’s not all due to the mural. The space is designed exclusively in black and white and it’s filled with eye-catching details. It’s an exclusive space with an unusual design but it’s also a very inviting place.

Amg vip center interior1

Amg vip center interior2

Amg vip center interior3

Amg vip center interior4

The lounge is a meeting point and a great area to spend time, almost like a living room. Here, the customers can chat, interact and relax and the atmosphere is very pleasant and inviting. The clean and modern design reflects perfectly the essence of everything AMG creates. It might not seem so at first glance, but everything is closely related to cars. In fact, even the sign as you pull up is made of carbon fiber.

Amg vip center interior5

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Inside this modern lounge, the décor is clean and fresh. The couches are very comfortable and they create a very cozy atmosphere. The classical and timeless black and white combination reflects the elegance of the design while the lighting and other features make it feel warm. The designers really knew how to make the mural the focal point. Also, as a bonus, the making of pictured that are displayed on the walls are very interesting to look at.