The exceptionally comfortable Sacco Chair

I rarely have the opportunity to honestly say that a certain piece of furniture is indeed extremely comfortable or suitable for any type of home. In this case, I can definitely recommend this product. This is the Sacco Chair. It’s the original beanbag chair but with a different look.The Saco Chair was designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro back in 1968 when it first offered an entirely new concept of seating.The Sacco Chair is an extremely comfortable piece. It has a very clever design, simple but perfect for this piece. Its shape also helps increase the level of comfort. When you seat in this chair you can feel your body melting and perfectly combining with the chair.

Chair sacco black

The Sacco Chair is so comfortable because it can adapt to the user’s body.It has the ability to adjust to the person sitting in it. It has a very simple design. Still, it’s very inviting and it has quickly become popular. As a result, you can find it even today, after so many years and after beanbags have basically disappeared from the market.

This is chair is also so comfortable because it provides support for the head. When the chair is in use, a natural headrest forms. The price for this piece is $520. The overall dimensions of the Sacco chair are 26.75h x 31.5l x 31.5w x 31.5″d and it’s made of polystyrene pellets and synthetic leather.