The Enchord Desk and Mobile Cabinet

Regardless of the type of work you do, sometimes it’s inevitable not to bring it home with you. That’s why you should have a desk in your home. The desk is not just for work. It’s also great for doing homework, in case you’re looking for a work surface. The Enchard collection includes a desk and a mobile cabinet that form together a pleasant work environment. Moreover, they will help you keep everything neat and organized.

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These convertible work surfaces have a simple and clean design and they don’t take much space. This means you can improvise a work corner in your living room or bedroom if you don’t have a home office. The Enchord collection is great for working, storing, spreading out and packing in. The Enchord Desk has a dual –level work surface meaning you get to benefit from adaptable room beyond the standard desk.

Moreover, the complementary Enchord Mobile cabinet will help you better organize your work and will provide you will a place to store all your work materials and accessories. The two pieces have matching designs and they also come in matching colors. You can choose from Chalk White laminate top with Pesto Green lower surface or White Oak veneer top with Chalk White laminate lower surface. You can buy the desk and cabinet for $429.00-$849.00.