The elegant Jackson sectional sofa

Sectionals are usually great for small homes or for those who like to move frequently either because they want to change the views or because they have to. This type of furniture is very appreciated because of its ability to function as two separate units. It can be used either as a sofa or a bed.It’s a very useful feature, especially in small rooms. You can have a sofa during the day and this way you save some space, have more room to move around freely and you can also adapt a more elegant interior décor. During the night you can just turn the sofa into a comfy bed. In fact, this sectional would be very useful in guest rooms. The Jackson sectional also offers you option to choose from a right-arm or left-arm chaise. The sectional can be easily reconfigured and it can completely change the look of your home.

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The Jackson sectional can be bought for prices between 1182.69 and 1340.48 euros. It includes a comfortable ottoman that slides down to the opposite side of the sofa. The cushions flip over and a mirror image of the sofa can be created in just a few second revealing a comfortable bed. The sectional is crafted with a solid wood frame and metal legs.

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Its overall dimensions are 89’’w x 60’’d x 33.5’’h. It has tufted back cushions and a left or right-arm piece. The cushions are removable and they have comfortable polyurethane foam core. The sectional as you see it in the pictures is available as a set only and the pieces can’t be purchased separately.