The elegant Chillida rugs by Nani Marquina

Chillida is a collection of rugs created by Nani Marquina. It was designed in 2012 for Nanimarquina. As the name of the collection suggests, the rugs are an homage paid by the designer to Chillida, a great artist from the same country as the designer. The artist influenced the designs of the rugs with his way of understanding space. The rugs have designs inspired by the drawings, engravings and collages created by this artist.

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The Chillida rugs have rectangular shapes. Even though they seem very simple and seem to lack the element of surprise that makes a piece eye-catching, the rugs are interesting in their own subtle way. They propose a more artistic approach to the traditional designs. The rugs have simple designs but the few details that they present are the main elements that make them so special.

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The Chillida rugs are innovative in a simple and modern way. The rugs are created using the best materials and craft techniques to offer the highest quality. They seem to have an eclectic style. Even though they are innovative they still preserve the simplicity, class and the shape of the traditional rugs. The rectangular Chillida rugs are also very versatile and they would look beautiful in living rooms, bedrooms and other similar areas. They have an elegant look and they impress with their simplicity.