The elegant Axel sectional sofa

Perfect for all types of living rooms, the Axel sofa features a very elegant and chic design. It’s simple but stylish and has delicate lines and soft curves. The Axel sectional sofa was designed by Gijs Papavoine for Montis. It’s an elegant but also a very comfortable and functional piece of furniture.The Axel sectional sofa has a delicate design with clear lines, soft curves and details almost hidden from view. The sectional has sleek and delicate legs that almost seem to make it float above the ground. It’s almost as if the sofa has no connection to the floor. The tight surrounds of the sofa are filled with soft cushions of a latex mixture. Axel is not only a very comfortable piece of furniture but also a very cozy-looking piece.

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The Axel sectional was crafted using materials of the best quality and it’s guaranteed to serve you for many years to come. Moreover, it has a simple and classic design that basically makes it seem timeless. It will always be an elegant piece of furniture. The sofa features a comfortable headrest and cozy pillows that further increase the level of comfort. Additional pillows can also be purchased and there’s also an option for harder pillows. This type has been developed in order to create a more active sitting position from which it is easier to get up.

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The Axel sectional sofa also has a removable piece that can be positioned by the user anywhere he wants and that helps support the neck. The dimensions of the Axel sofa are variable. In fact, there are more than 28 possible combinations of sizes and elements. The Axel sectional can also be sued together with the matching small and large ottomans.