The elegance of the 1890s showcased in the Quartermasters Vintage Desk

The 1890s were dominated by vintage designs. In fashion, the main elements were long lines and elegant details. In furniture, the basic elements are the same. Elegance, at that time, was the equivalent of quality and most designs featured a uniform, continuous look. The Quartermasters Vintage Desk is a good example. It has a monochromatic design and there are no striking contrasts. However, it has that elegance specific to that period.

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The Quartermasters Vintage Industrial S Top Mercantile Desk has a robust look and it’s detailed with many subtle elements. Still, it does not have a very intricate design. It’s a rather simple piece of furniture. Also, it obviously has a functional design. The desk features many storage compartments, some of them visible and some hidden. It has four aligned drawers of the same dimensions on each side and two additional smaller drawers above the working surface.

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Moreover, there are lots of open compartments that are great for storing small objects, office supplies, mail, the paper and numerous other items. The desk has an overall authentic look. It has signs of wearing and heavy use but this only makes it unique. The overall dimensions of this beautiful piece are W: 55 x D: 31 x H: 49 in and its cost is $1265. It’s a wonderful vintage piece that would look amazing in a décor with the same style.