The Eco-perch luxury tree house

When you say tree house the image that pops into your head is that of a very simple and traditional structure that kids usually build with their parents and where they spend time with friends. Well, that too is accurate but it’s not the only option. This is Eco-perch, a luxury tree house that changes the entire concept at the base of this design.

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This eye-catching and quick to install structure was designed by Each Sussex0based architecture and construction firm Blue Forest. The luxury tree house is crafted from natural materials and it’s a quick to install structure. It can be implemented within 5 days. Also, it has a design that has minimal impact on the landscape. Adequate site preparation is required beforehand. The Eco-Perch structure is contained within a 6 meter by 8 meter footprint. It’s rather small but it’s definitely bigger than the tree house you had when you were a kid.

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Inside, the Eco-Perch features a kitchen, a dining room ad a living area. There’s also a cozy bedroom that can comfortably accommodate four people. The continuous roof surface wraps everything and creates a compact look. The Eco-Perch tree house has an oval shape. It features windows that provide beautiful views and a veranda. You will be able to enjoy this capsule for more than 15 years. The Eco-Perch can even be used in your personal garden after you acquire planning permission to install it. The interior of the dwelling can be used as a guest area during the summer, as an office or studio or anything else.{found on designboom}.