The eco hotel Endemico in Baja, Mexico

Endemico is a beautiful green retreat in Baja, Mexico that sits on approximately 100 hectares of land in the Encuentro Guadalupe development outside of Ensenada. It’s a large project that also includes a residential area and a winery. The Endemico retreat also features an eco hotel made up of 20 EcoLofts.

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The hotel has been built with a steel structure and set up on stilts. Inside it features luxurious suits, each measuring 20 square feet. Each room has a bathroom, a terrace, a clay fire pit and splendid views over the valley below. The hotel also includes a swimming pool and a hot tub that are sunken into the hillside. There you can relax white admiring the panoramic views of the hills.

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The project was designed as an eco-friendly structure and the architects tried to minimize its impact upon the land. Nature also had to be respected and preserved in every possible way. This is why the architects decided to build the cabins up on stilts. This way they minimize the impact on the land. For the construction, the architects used steel and wood that over time will blend with the surroundings. The guests of the hotel can either relax in their room or in the pool or participate at various events, wine tours and other activities. It must be a unique experience indeed.{found on inhabitat}