The dreamy Tingalayo estate in the Caribbean

Little by little we have reached the point where everyone is anxious to enjoy their vacation and to visit exotic destinations for some well-deserved fun and relaxation. If you’re in the mood for something unique and unforgettable, we found the perfect place to visit this year. This is the Tingalayo estate located in Apple Bay, Tortola, Caribbean. It’s an exclusive private estate that puts at your disposal 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a wonderful pool. You can rent them for prices between USD $1,127 and $1,973.

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This exotic estate occupies approximately 4 acres of land and it offers you a piece of tropical paradise. It’s a perfect destination for those who seek privacy and relaxation in a spectacular setting. The property is like a mini-resort and it offers unique and exquisite views. When you go inside you’ll find charming rooms with hardwood decks and modern decors. The colors are very beautiful and they bring a piece of outdoors in.

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For example, the entertainment room features bold tones of flamingo pink, the master bedroom suite is decorated with soothing ocean blue elements, the kitchen and the living area feature a soothing sky blue décor and the dining and BBQ area are rustic orange.

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This beautiful villa also features splendid infinity pools with cloud-shaped structures that really make you feel like a part of this beautiful paradise. Moreover, there’s a series of outdoor spaces including a spacious terrace and a dining pavilion in the courtyard. The property offers spectacular views of the ocean and the surrounding islands. This is a great destination for romantic couples, families and everyone who wants to break the monotony and enjoy something unique.