The Dreamy Anguillan Resort With Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler

The Anguillan resort is a beautiful Caribbean destination that offers amazing views along with spectacular contemporary architecture. The interior of the resort were designed by Kelly Wearstler and they are based on contrast of texture and harmony of the lines. The resort’s guests can enjoy their stay in one of the luxurious rooms and they can also visit the signature restaurant with views of the Barnes Bay and Meads Bay, the Sunset Lounge, the Sunset Pool, the space and fitness center as well as the two beautiful sandy beaches.

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The luxurious Anguillan resort is located on the edge of a beautiful Caribbean island. It was built with sustainable features and features a very stylish contemporary architecture. The resort’s hotel was built with several environmental concerns in mind. For example, over 90% of the water fixtures are low flow, using less water than ordinary fixtures. Moreover, a leak detection system has been installed as well as a drip-irrigation system that takes care of all the trees and flowers that surround the hotel and can be found throughout the resort. In addition to that, the resort uses eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products.

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The hotel’s rooms are stylish and elegantly decorated. They feature contemporary designs with minimalist furniture and chic accessories.The interiors are relaxing and casual and the atmosphere is airy and inviting. Also, all the room allow panoramic views of the sea or the surrounding landscape. The style of the resort is contemporary and focuses on simplicity with a touch of dramatic and bold.