The Drawbridge Shelf – a very useful object for your home

All my childhood I’ve been inspired by my mother’s way to find place for all the things of our crowded house. She used to make shelves all around the place to place her books or her flowers. When I saw this object it reminded me of her.  The Drawbridge Shelf is not only a very useful object for your home is also a very creative and easy to make piece of furniture that gives your home a vintage look. It takes little place and little time to make it and it gives you the satisfaction of doing it yourself.  The designer first made it from an old rolling cart, a sign post and a massive gauge wire.

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As you can see in the picture, the low wood piece on which you put the objects that you want is supported by the wire at the end of which there are two small screws. But, the most important part is the piece of wood attached to the wall that supports all the weight. Being a handmade product, the wood pieces are carved and shaped by hand and sealed with a low gloss Tung oil.

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The dimensions are: 23 inches long, 14 ¾ inches wide, and 14 ½ inches tall. The best part is that, if you buy it, you can discuss with the designer the way you want the product to look like, the sizes as well as the materials you would prefer. The price of this awesome product is only $189,00 USD.