The donuts table

This amazing table was designed by Dirk Wynants from Italy. Why ‘The donuts table’? Well if you look for yourself in the pictures you will see that it look like a huge donut! Donuts is an interesting seating combination. The seating area is made from inflatable dark grey nylon ballistic carries and it carries a polyester table top. The table top is made from fibre glass reinforced polyester.

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You could take this baby for a ride on the sea weaves. The Donuts table fits at least six persons so if you are going sailing you will have a good time. When you are leaning against the seat area you will noticed that your body will become completely relaxed. The diameter of the seating area is 1.9 m. Use the table to serve a drink at night, or just relax reading a good book. You can use the table for arm wrestling, because you can fit your feet inside, and obtain a good position. So you can now make arm wrestling competition, train to became the best!

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Donuts table offers a good mobility. You can move the table wherever you want, with not that much of a fuss because it is very light. Move it on your: terrace, garden, beach, bedroom, wherever. The inflatable part comes in different colors, so you can make some color in your garden by ordering different colors donuts tables.