The Domino sectional sofa by Emaf Progetti

Everyone is familiar with the domino pieces. Not everyone knows how to play that game but at least the name sounds familiar. Here we are with another Domino piece. This time it’s a piece of furniture. This is the Domino sectional sofa. It’s stylish modular piece from Zanotta with a simple and chic design.

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The Domino sectional sofa has been designed by Emaf Progetti back in 2008. It still looks new and has a contemporary look. The Domino sofa, as the name suggests, is a modular piece of furniture. This means that the user has the liberty of mixing and changing the position of the pieces in any way he wants so that they fit the space available and the needs of the users.

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Domino is a great piece for modern and contemporary living rooms. It has a minimalist and stylish design which is easy to adapt and match with other pieces, even more in the case of this modular design. The sectional features a steel frame with elastic strips suspension and polyurethane upholstery.

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The quilted seat cushions are soft and cozy. The sectional comes with removable covers in fabric or leather. The sofa also comes in several color options, all of which are stylish and beautiful. So whether you choose the white one or a bolder version, it will look wonderful in the living room.