The Deihmann Square in Beer Sheba , Israel

The design of our home depends entirely on us, the people living there, in that particular house. But we also enjoy to see the public places around us, the city squares and parks. They need a landscaper or an outdoor designer to make them look nice and pleasant, to be in harmony with the rest of the city. The square that you can admire in these pictures is Deichmann Square in Beer Sheba, a university town in Israel. It was designed by the architects called Chyutin Architects and looks like an amazing mix of natural and modern, of plants and concrete.

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Since the square makes the transition between the campus and the rest of the city, it is meant to make both students and normal people fell comfortable there. So it is made of an intricate model of cement squares and vegetation, lights and small trees. The alleys have cement benches on the sides and you can find large space for open air exhibitions on all sides of the square. At night the lights are magnificent and are spread all over the square in a modern design. The square is a perfect example of simplicity and good taste applied in landscaping.

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