The Dar HI resort in Naftah,Tunisia

Dar HI is a place hard to define. It’s not a typical hotel and it’s not a spa either. It’s a sort of resort, a place where people go for spiritual therapy and relaxation. The resort is located just hours away from Paris, in Naftah, Tunisia, in the middle of the desert. It’s a unique place with a unique design.The Dar HI resort was the result of the collaboration between Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet. It was designed by the architects from Matali Crasset. Because the theme of this resort is so spiritual and unique, the design had to correspond to those specifications. The resort of composed of a series of elevated houses protected by surrounding walls. Dar HI resembles a small village.

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The architects tried to make the resort blend as much as possible into the surroundings. In order to do that, they chose to use colors such as ochre and sand. The resort offers both private and public areas and it includes a pool, a restaurant and a spa. The houses resemble private home and feel like that too. They are very inviting and cozy. At the entrance there’s a corridor where you can take off your shoes and use babouches or Tunisian slippers. The rest is just like a private home.

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There are three different areas: the pill houses, the troglodytes and the dunes. The houses offer amazing views that differ each time. They have large windows and colorful interior decors. The troglodytes are areas with small bricks from Nefta that forms a small square with a small water cascade and a bread oven Here there are rooms that can be rented for families and groups of friends. The dunes are at sand level. They are open spaces sculpted by the wind. They are very beautiful and very inspiring.{found on archdaily}.