The Daisy Mirror from Soane

I love flowers, but I do not prefer a particular kind of them. But some people have clear preferences when it comes to flowers and anything else. For example my cousin loves daisies so much that she decorated her whole wedding with these flowers starting with her dress and hair and ending with her bouquet and flower arrangements on every table (oh, and the cake, too, had big daisies on). Well, for such a person I would recommend  The Daisy Mirror from Soane because it is big and beautiful and it really looks like a daisy.

Product 861It is just what it seems: a mirror in the shape of a daisy. The mirror is made of brass on the outside and the “daisy” petals are laser cut, which makes them smooth and nice on the edges. The interior is a totally normal mirror that can be used for showing your reflection, to show you if you have a bad hair day or maybe a great face for flirting before you go clubbing. Even the backing board is made of brass and that makes the mirror strong and resistant. However, if you are not that huge of a fan of brass, you can also choose to have this mirror made of polished or antique brass or maybe nickel or, even better, dark or antique bronze. But you can find more details on the manufacturer View in gallery

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