The Cybertecture Mirror by James Law

Technological improvements never cease to amaze us. We already know there’s a mirror with a built-in TV so something new had to be created. The Cybertecture Mirror was created by Hong Kong-based founder James Law and it takes everything to a whole new level.The Cybertecture Mirror features programmable applications and a digital display.

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Moreover, It has been equipped with stereo speakers, WiFi, IP41 waterproofing, and fog-resistant glass.It’s indeed the mirror of the future. This means you’ll be able to surf the internet while getting ready. The interesting thing is that the Cybertecture Mirror can be used in both active and passive mode. This means you can always use it as a regular mirror. However, it has much more to offer.

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You can control the mirror via a remote control or by using your smartphone. Also, the mirror is not just for display. It can also interact with the user and deliver useful information. It can even help you monitor your health thanks to its peripheral sensor pad. The mirror can also communicate with your computer or phone. As you can imagine, such a futuristic creation comes with a price. In this case that price is $7,733. The mirror is suitable not just for home but also for offices, hospitals or hotels. However, I doubt we’ll be able to find it in such place very soon.