The Curtis Stone workbench

You’re probably familiar with the name Curtis Stone and all the delicious food associated with it. He’s a celebrity chef that you’ve probably seen on TV. You might have learned a trick or two from him but now you have the opportunity to also get some help in the kitchen from the Curtis Stone Workbench.

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This item has a very functional design. It’s one part cutting board and one part food storage unit so it’s like having two pieces in one. It’s a very practical item for the kitchen. It allows you prepare the ingredients faster and it’s also very functional because it helps you be organized. With the Curtis Stone workbench, slicing and dicing will become a piece of cake. It’s not only easier but also a lot more fun.

The workbench is crafted from Australian grown Victorian ash wood coming from an eco-sustainable plantation. The board comes with 3 stainless steel 1-cup measuring cups and an additional steel scoop. The waste disposal drawer is included in the design as well. This drawer is particularly useful. You can just put all your unwanted pieces of vegetable or anything else in there and, when it’s full, you can just pull it out, damp the contents in the trash and put in back in. It’s a very efficient piece for the kitchen and it also has a simple but attractive design. You can buy the Curtis Stone Workbech at the price of $300.