The Cubus Entertainment Home Cinema from Team 7

Any living room has a unique interior design and décor. Even though there aren’t as many furniture designs as there are homes, the combinations you can create and the many ways in which you can personalize your space are limitless. As a result, a piece such as the Cubus Home Entertainment Home Cinema can serve as a starting point for a multitude of unique decors.

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The unit was designed by Sebastian Desch for Team 7. It’s a wall unit designed to accommodate all your equipment and systems usually required by a home theater area. You can integrate in the living room where you can use it as a wall unit, perfect for displaying the TV and storing the DVD player and all the other items. The unit features several clever storage compartments for the TV, Playstation, amplifier, speakers, etc. the unit has a very simple design and a versatile look that allows it to beautifully complement a variety of different decors, both traditional and modern.

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Moreover, the unit also has a functional design. It includes a cleverly designed interior that allows you functionally manage your cables and store them in the back. They remain hidden and safe and allow you to have a clean and organized room. The unit also has a design that allows for proper ventilation of the technical equipment. It was designed keeping in mind the technical requirements but it also has a stylish look.