The Crosby Library Table

This is the Crosby table. It’s a beautiful library table that has a design that has been popular for centuries. It costs $1,020.00, but feature a refined and fine design inspired by an Italian Mid-Century piece. It’s both functional and good-looking.

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The Crosby library table is made of French oak and vintage brass. It has an engineered hardwood frame with solid brass rods and sabots and veneers all over it. It’s a very simple piece of furniture but it’s also perfect for libraries. It has plenty of storage for books and it has been specifically designed for this purpose. The books are being separated in four different areas so that they sit on the shelf safely. This also makes them easier to organize.

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The table has a natural finish and a simple design, both features that make it a versatile piece of furniture. It was designed for libraries but it could also be used in living rooms or even bedrooms, anywhere you want to store your books. It would come in handy somewhere near the bed where you can just stick your hand out and take a new book before going to sleep. The overall dimensions of the Crosby library table are 22″ W x 22″ D x 28″ H.