The creative interior of the Nevv @ Syntagma Athens hotel

This is the New @ Syntagma Athens hotel. It’s part of the boutique hotels line Yes! Hotels. This one has a particularly interesting interior. It was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana and it’s a splendid example of what an ingenious and creative mind can do with recycled materials.The hotel is a huge work of art.

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The Nevv hotel is situated in the center of the Greek capital, in the Olympic Palace building. Originally built in 1958, the building was drastically remodeled. It has a modern and chic look and it offers a total of 79 rooms. All the rooms have high windows and private balconies. They also all feature bamboo flooring and copper washbasins in the bathrooms. The suites have a specific décor influenced by mythological figures of ancient Greece. It’s a way of making history a part of the design, even though architecturally there are no traces of the building’s past.

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The hotel’s restaurant is very beautifully decorated. It features a sort of pillars that support the ceiling and that are made from wooden planks of various colors and textures. The furniture is a combination of classic and sophisticated. Some pieces have very original designs that support the hotel’s overall contemporary look. The designers had many original and creative ideas and they managed to beautifully include them in their project.